Money Mindset Movement Program

Credit building is a powerful financial strategy to help individuals and small businesses take control of their financial lives. A good credit history is crucial in today’s economy. The Money Mindset Movement Program separates the concept of credit from the burden of debt and works to transform each participant’s credit paradigm to one of knowledge, empowerment, and access to financial products and financial wisdom.

For individuals with no or thin credit files, the ability to establish a good credit history is hampered by the lack of access to affordable mainstream credit building financial products. The truth is, those with no low or no credit scores may pay approximately $200,000 more over their lifetime for financial products and services than those with good or excellent credit scores. The Money Mindset Movement is a 90-day program that will work with participants to shift their mindsets across three main areas while focusing heavily on education. Participants will receive credit education and weekly coaching that helps them understand the basics of credit of the system.

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