5 Benefits of Working with Me as a Financial Coach

Twenty years ago, I never would have imagined that I’d assume a career as a certified financial educator. Nevertheless, I now know I am called to help people achieve their goals through strong faith, healthy family relationships, and financial security. I’ve put together five reasons why you should consider working with me to map out a successful, abundant future.

  1. I Work Within All Income Brackets.

From being homeless to working as an established financial educator and coach, I’ve experienced it all. I know what it’s like it start with nothing and make something out of it. No matter where you are in life, I have firsthand experience in your shoes. I understand the cyclical journey of money management. Clients can feel safe to approach me with any problem or goal, and I will personally guide you step-by-step to financial freedom. Schedule a consultation today.

  1. Community Wealth

Like Mama said, “You are the company you keep.” My Mastermind classes bring like-minded, motivated professionals together from diverse backgrounds to learn the ins and outs of building wealth. Working in a classroom setting has proven to be a unique and effective technique that my clients look forward to each week. Explore my Debt Recovery Mastermind Program to discover how.

  1. Flexibility

I understand an in-person group class may not fit everyone’s schedule each week, so I offer online programs to cater to busy professionals, parents, or students to study at their own pace. We can also schedule a video conference and work together no matter where you are on a map.

  1. Accountability

My program and process are built on trust. That’s why I offer free, 30-minute consultations for all potential clients. I want to make sure that everyone I work with is comfortable and prepared to embark on this exciting journey to financial freedom! Schedule your free consultation today!

  1. Finance is Fun!

One of the biggest myths I bust every day is the idea that finance is boring! I ensure my clients are aware of all of the exciting benefits that are in store for them by presenting coursework and carefully crafting financial plans that cater to their goals, interests, and personalities. I’ve built a community that’s ambitious about creating their own future while having fun in the process. Join us and stay connected on Facebook or Instagram!

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